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Terroir Parfum of Kleinood Farm by de Boerin

de boerin parfum kleinood farm

On Kleinood we have always put terroir first in the wine we make.

So too, it is ever present in our olive oil, verjus and honey.

Why then, if one could taste terroir, could one not wear it and smell it and smell of it?

a collection of terroir driven perfumes
inspired by Kleinood Farm
and made by de Boerin.

Kleinood i

On a balmy summer afternoon, walking along the dam wall
surrounded by the heavy scents of Cape Fynbos,
indigenous grasses and reeds,
we were seduced into the project
that was to become Kleinood i.

de boerin parfum kleinood farm
de boerin parfum kleinood farm

It was about capturing the sensual experience of Kleinood,
with all it stands for, through the scent that hung in the air at that moment
and on so many other late afternoons.
Not only to capture the scent, but also, the heat, the breeze, the sounds,
the peacefulness and the warm nurturing soil underfoot.

Working with essential oils and experiencing the birth of a perfume that was, in essence, a place and moment on Kleinood, made us acutely aware of the textures and scents and aromas of every new bud or drying leaf.

The landscape we were moving in became alive in a whole new way. The farm became so much more than what it was until then and every little patch had the potential of telling a story…

Winter Water

de boerin parfum kleinood farm

We could smell the goodness and warmth
of the rotting leaves and wood in the forest,
the darkness in the rich black soil
and the fresh bright minerality of river water
gushing over rocks and roots.

These all now live on in the perfume we call Winter Water.

We learned to think in scents, rediscovering the garden, the forest, the mountain, the sky, the heat, the river and every moment of every summer afternoon, and winter storm on this little farm. Spring and autumn were no longer times of colouful abundance, but brought its own aromatic joys.

de boerin parfum kleinood farm

Kleinood ii

As with light and colours, places bear different scents at different times of the day and year.

The dam wall has a different, lighter aroma in the morning,
when there is dew on the leaves
and the soil is cool and damp,
than in the late afternoon
when the air is heavy with oils and dust.

Kleinood ii says it all.


The humble, pale green irisses, thrive in the most unexpected spots.
For most of the year they are hardly noticed and ask very little.
Then, but a hint of spring,
those magnificent blooms magically appear
in ones and twos and clouds
of deep dark purples and misty pinks and blues
to rusty browns and even golds.


Their grace and scent is incomparable.
They deserve to tell their own story – Iris.

de boerin parfum kleinood farm

What sets the de Boerin perfumes apart, is that they have a home.
They are all from and about Kleinood Farm.

And, in keeping with the Kleinood ethos,
these perfumes are all natural and carefully made by hand.

Thus, this collection is about celebrating
the unique terroir of this small and precious land
– the seasons, the plants, the sunlight, the water,
and the soul of our soil.

Our terroir, for you to wear and smell and smell of.

de boerin parfum kleinood farm
de boerin parfum kleinood farm

To This Small
& Precious Land!

With Love,