Kleinood i Parfum


Notes of Fynbos, Citrus…



Terroir Parfum of Kleinood Farm by de Boerin

bountiful blooms
under cobalt skiers
seeding grass
in heavy heat
and dry soil
gentle air
and light
and laughter
of barefoot
girls on swings
in hats
and floral frocks
and endless
slowly sinking
summer afternoons


A terroir driven perfume inspired and composed around the natural qualities and attributes of Kleinood Farm.

It was created from only pure and unmodified essential oils of fynbos, cardamom, atlas cedar, patchouli, rose & citrus.

The focus of this multi-floral, overtly feminine creation gently veers towards the white floral with introductory notes of orange blossom.

The slightly sweet opening calms down to a soapy powderiness.

Layered over the sexy indolic opening notes, the scent leans into the softeness of a freshly watered garden rose.

The underlying headiness and green herby bitterness are both supported and enhanced by aromas of earth and hay slowly fading into a lengthy powdery, dry finish.

100% Natural Botanical Perfume

50ml 1.1 fl.oz

25% Concentration

Alc. vol 80%

Sold in a Stonewashed Silk bag