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Tamboerskloof Wines

The making of Tamboerskloof wines is underpinned by a dedication to producing a singular and intensely personal wine of the highest quality.
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“Only when we blend, do we decide which wine is good enough to become part of the final blend comprising all the different components, which form the building blocks for our Tamboerskloof wines,” comments owner, Gerard de Villiers.

Tamboerskloof Katharien Syrah Rosé

Current Vintage: 2023

The bright eyed, bushy tailed and overtly feminine Katharien Rosé was named after our youngest child and, equally bright eyed and bushy tailed, only daughter.

A dry 100% Syrah Rosé with a delicate pale-salmon colour.

Medium-bodied, with perfumed aromas of fresh violets and ripe summer fruit like red cherry, finishing with lingering flavours of strawberries and spices.


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Technical Notes


All Kleinood wines are Vegan.

Tamboerskloof Katharien Syrah Rose

Tamboerskloof Viognier

Current Vintage: 2023

A light golden wine with aromas of tangerine, orange blossom and rose following through with peaches to the palate. The palate offers additional spices and apricot, along with texture which creates a lingering finish.


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Technical Notes


All Kleinood wines are Vegan.

Tamboerskloof Syrah

Current Vintage: 2019

A bright clear medium ruby colour.
The nose, starting with violets,
evolves into blackberry and bramble.
The palate is vibrant with a touch of complex spices,
like freshly crushed black pepper and liquorice.


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Technical Notes


All Kleinood wines are Vegan.

kleinood Tamboerskloof Syrah 2019

“A benchmark Syrah – quite a brilliant wine….”

The beauty of the colours, smells, tastes, aromas and textures. The machinery and human hands that work together to create something new. The intense joy with every successful wine and vintage.

Complex, elegant,
spicy and full.

Tamboerskloof John Spicer Syrah

Kleinood Tamboerskloof John Spicer Syrah 2017

“The reason for making the John Spicer Syrah is based purely on the outstanding and unique character of the wine produced by this vineyard year after year – wishing to keep it apart as the ultimate expression of our terroir, supporting the philosophy that great wines are made in the vineyard.”


A truly handcrafted wine in every sense of the word.

Kleinood Tamboerskloof John Spicer Syrah 2017

Kleinood Tamboerskloof John Spicer Syrah 2017

– Artwork by Katharien de Villiers

Current Vintage: 2017

The violet ruby colour of the John Spicer Syrah gives a good indication as to what could be expected from the spectacular 2017 vintage .

On the nose the intense dark fruit, cherry and blackcurrant followed by charming violets and spice. This complex wine, even at this young age, expresses the integrated French oak very well, with notes of tobacco and fresh leather.

The smooth entry, with a fresh and the elegant pallet associated with Kleinood, does not disappoint. The power on the mid-pallet makes this wine, unmistakably, a Stellenbosch Syrah.

A marvellously persistent finish, ensures the drinking of this wine to be a memorable experience now and for many years to come.


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Tasting Notes


All Kleinood wines are Vegan.

v. Our Packaging

The sole insignia depicts a sheep bearing a flag, derived from the official de Villiers family crest.

The Agnus Dei or Lamb of God, sometimes referred to as the Paschal lamb, on the De Villiers family coat of arms, refers to Christ as referred to by St. John the Baptist as “The Lamb of God”.

This image or symbol was extremely significant as a religious symbol for Christians in general and possibly even more so for the French Huguenots who fled from their homeland because of religious oppression.

The distinctive and characteristically understated labels
are hand printed on hand made, recycled paper
and then hand torn and pasted onto each bottle.

For the sake of distinction; the Kleinood flagship, Tamboerskloof John Spicer Syrah, is adorned with a black label. However, it is still printed on recycled, hand made paper, hand torn and hand pasted by us on Kleinood. The bottle is then dressed in an artwork by a different artist every harvest.

Kleinood John Spicer Syrah 2016

The small neck tag distinguishes the Tamboerskloof Katharien Rosé from the other Tamboerskloof wines. The image is that of a sculpture, made by her maternal grandmother, of her when she was a little girl. The sculpture is cast in bronze and wears a linen dress.

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