The Farm Kleinood

i. The Story

In the year 2000 the small farm, that was to become Kleinood, was very different from what it is now. Although its inherent natural beauty and charm was always there, it was, sadly, just a run down and neglected little fruit farm in a beautiful valley against a backdrop of majestic mountains and a river running through it. But it stole our hearts and we decided to give it our best.

In good time we established vineyards and an olive grove. We then built the winery and started producing wine and then olive oil and finally, in 2008, we moved to where our hearts and passion lay.

Over time it has become a personal and highly individual project where no effort was spared in striving to produce a thing of excellence and beauty underpinned with a simple and holistic philosophy dedicated to explore, develop and use the full potential of the farm and human skills in order to produce the best Kleinood is capable of.

ii. Vineyards

Good wines are made in the vineyard.

Our viticultural philosophy aims to express the best our vineyards have to offer. One of the practices that support this philosophy is to divide the farm into individual vineyard blocks.

Each half-hectare block on the farm is managed as a separate unit that allows the grapes from each unit to be cared for, irrigated, harvested, crushed, fermented and matured in wood separately.

Grapes are selected in the vineyards on a regular basis from the start of veraison, with as many as five passes conducted before being hand-harvested into small picking boxes.

Annual infrared surveys of the vineyards, to determine vigour and ripeness of different areas in each block, enables us to pick our grapes at exactly the right times – the essence for making Tamboerskloof wines.

We establish the pruning weight of the canes, the weight of the bunches, the size and weight of the berries for each block, affording us the opportunity to understand our vineyards and learn how to farm them better and create the correct balance between terroir, vine and grape.

iii. Winery

The Kleinood winery is the heart of the farm – a manifestation of the unique terroir and character of this simple, unassuming haven where, in a delicate balance between science and passion, no viticultural or oenological effort is spared, to produce a wine that is truly honest and elegant – a wine that does not reflect what we have done to it, but expresses the complexity of its origin and our dedication to producing singular wines of the highest quality.

Fine wines require
flexibility and time.

At arrival in the winery the bunches are sorted by hand on a sorting table. The berries are then hand sorted on a separate table after de-stalking before being crushed into a satellite tank, lifted up to roof level, suspended and rolled overhead to the fermenter earmarked to receive the particular block. This intricate process protects the grapes from undergoing any harsh pumping treatment. ‘Softly, gently’ is the Kleinood mantra.

Attention to detail
every step of the way.

The cellar houses a wide variety of fermenters – both in size and style to so create a flexible environment wherein the full potential and origin of each pocket can be explored and nurtured.

The ‘free run’ wine gravitates into barrels from the fermenters, while the fermented skins are scraped by hand into a basket for pressing in the cellar’s state of the art basket press.

The winery, a study in simplicity, combines the structural and technological expertise of owner-designer, Gerard, in a clever combination of technology and tradition, designed to work very softly with the grapes and to afford the winemaker the most flexibility possible.

Winemaking is alchemy. It is wind, rain, sun, and soil mysteriously absorbed by the vine to produce juice filled berries that we, through the fine balance between magic and science, gently coax, to become a thing of beauty in every sense of the word.

The distinctive, yet characteristically understated, labels are hand printed with an antique wooden press on handmade paper that is torn to size by hand and stuck onto each individual bottle by hand.

iv. The Tasting Room

The tasting room is a homely extension of the winery. Here the long traditional table awaits family, friends and foreigners alike, to join us for a meal, a tasting or anything that has to do with the coming together of people and celebrating life.

Here new vintages are presented to tasters and critics and lovers of Tamboerskloof wines regularly come to enjoy a leisurely tasting.


On a balmy summer day, next to the duck pond in the rose garden, in the shade of the Oaks with the view of the Moordenaarskloof valley and Konstabelskop where the Helderberg and Stellenbosch mountain meet, you will need no more than a glass of cold Tamboerskloof Viognier or Katharien Rosé in hand, to make life as good as it gets.

Here too you will find
The Cupboard of Curiosities.

Kleinood is not only about wine.

It does not have the vaguest resemblance to the traditional concept of the “encyclopedic collections of objects” or “Wunderkammer”, but is quite simply, a Pandora’s box of pretty Kleinood things to smell, to taste, to use or to give…

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