Kleinood ii Parfum


Notes of Pink Peppercorn, Rose…



Terroir Parfum of Kleinood Farm by de Boerin

that early light
that sky
that heat
that lonely cloud
that field with bees
in flowers
the slowness
of that yellow
setting sun
and balmy dusks
and hushed
and heavy
almost airless
deeply scented nights
that luscious sense
of summer


A terroir driven perfume inspired and composed around the natural qualities and attributes of Kleinood Farm.

It was created from only pure and unmodified essential oils of pink peppercorn, black pepper, rose and vetiver.

This multi-floral and extremely sensuous composition leans towards musky rose and orris close to the skin.

The waxy floral heart situated around earth, fynbos and cedar is underpinned by an innocent florally summer sweetness.

The slight aroma of powdery musk adds a mysterious and sultry quality reminiscent of the sumptuousness of vintage silks, old velvet and warm summer nights to this very unique perfume.

100% Natural Botanical Perfume

50ml 1.1 fl.oz

25% Concentration

Alc. vol 80%

Sold in a Stonewashed Silk bag