Iris Parfum


Notes of Orris, Chamomile…



Terroir Parfum of Kleinood Farm by de Boerin

greenish blades
the stem emerges
bearing tightly
guarded buds
now waking
from a deep
and dreamless sleep
to quietly unfold
and thus reveal
with peerless
elegance and grace
a bejewelled spectacle
of gossamer
and shameless


A terroir driven perfume inspired and composed around the natural qualities and attributes of Kleinood Farm.

It was created from only pure and unmodified essential oils of orris, omumbiri, vetiver, oak-moss and cape chamomile.

This interpretation of iris has stature and grace with a distinct but almost fleeting softness.

The opening confirms a sensual elegance with subtle powdery notes of iris, magnolia, lavender and violet.

Scents of green twigs supported by delicate waxy aroma evolve into a slightly bitter woody fragrance.

The drying down develops into a mellow slightly sweet floral bouquet with hints of tobacco and hay celebrating the distinct grace and sophistication of the iris.

100% Natural Botanical Perfume

50ml 1.1 fl.oz

25% Concentration

Alc. vol 80%

Sold in a Stonewashed Silk bag