Winter Water Parfum


Notes of Wood, Earth, Moss…



Terroir Parfum of Kleinood Farm by de Boerin

the forest
in deep-winter
dappled light
droplets on leaves
wet bark
and moss on stones
and mist
and pale
bare branches
weeping over
foaming silver
gushing rushing
winter water


A terroir driven perfume inspired and composed around the natural qualities and attributes of Kleinood Farm.

It was created from only pure and unmodified essential oils of cypriol, birch-tar, precious woods, vetiver and frankincense.

A slightly secretive and seductively aromatic perfume.

Opening with the freshness and minerality of clear cold river water, it develops into complex notes of precious woods, wet earth, moss and dusty brown leaves.

These forests, earthy notes are well supported by smoky undertones of winter fires and a lingering finish of rich warm tobacco.

Certain skins might well bring an animalic leathery aroma to the fore.

A unisex parfum.

“The river water has a different quality in winter.
It certainly has something to do with the rainwater
washing vegetation into the river,
but it’s more than that…”

100% Natural Botanical Perfume

50ml 1.1 fl.oz

25% Concentration

Alc. vol 80%

Sold in a Stonewashed Silk bag