de Boerin Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2022

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de Boerin Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2022

An oil with the strength and generosity that echoes the goodness of the native soil, the sun and great care that goes into its making.



A medium olive oil balanced with bold notes of green olive, olive leaf, grass, almond, artichoke, and basil. These green herbaceous notes and a lingering positive bitterness on the finish make the 2022 vintage unique.



The oil from the Leccino variety, also from the Tuscan origin, is delicate and fruity with a hint of sweetness and makes up 3% of the blend. 22% of the blend comes from the FS 17, otherwise known as Dwarf Frantoio. The oil from this prolific variety is fruity and very aromatic. The Coratina variety yields 65%. It brings all the intense and aromatic characteristics of a truly Tuscan variety to the blend. Our Delicata trees, planted along the stone wall around the farm add 10% to the final blend. The oil produced by these trees tones down the more robust cultivars. As a result of the different terroir, it adds complexity and charm to the blend.


Excellent with crostini, fresh summer salads, roasted vegetables and boiled new potatoes. The unique intensity and peppery after-taste of de Boerin, adds a lovely flavour to Melanzane, Caprese salads, fresh artichokes, roasted chicken and red meat dishes.


The handpicked, cold-pressed, unfiltered Extra Virgin oil is bottled on Kleinood Farm in 500ml bottles. The bottles are labelled by hand. The date of bottling and the number of each individual bottle appears on the back label.

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Bottle (500ml), Case (6x 500ml)