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Goodly Things

The de Boerin Way

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The image, by Vincent van Gogh,
now representing de Boerin,
is not of a successful and enterprising woman.

She is an unassuming peasant woman
working the land,
alone against a stark and bleak landscape.

The image depicts her as a humble person
quietly going about earning a living.

She is not down-trodden or pathetic,
but grounded and authentic.

She is unapologetically voluptuous.

Her skirts are ample and her hands are firm and able.

She is a capable and dependable woman.

Kleinood de Boerin by Vincent van Gogh
Kleinood de Boerin


Annetjie Boom was the first innkeeper and restaurateur in the Cape in 1665.

She was the first female landowner – a capable and innovative business- woman highly respected and well-loved by the community of the Cape of Good Hope.

The Kleinood de Boerin was derived from the nickname, Annetjie de Boerin, as she was fondly called.

Kleinood de Boerin Clothing Calico Rail
The Calico Rail by de Boerin

Because of the nature of Kleinood, where everything happens organically and often by pure coincidence, the acclaimed de Boerin Extra Virgin Olive oil was originally the only de Boerin product. De Boerin Verjus followed later and only when our bees were settled, did we start harvesting the much loved de Boerin honey.


As the Kleinood gardens grew and became more established and bountiful, the flowers and scents brought the need to create objects and extracts that would capture the enchanting grace and beauty of each new season.


And so the Eau de Parfum, the candles, the soaps, the mists and so much more came into being.

Giant Smudge Stick
Kleinood de Boerin Soap
Kleinood de Boerin


Since its small beginnings, Kleinood has taken pride in the hands that nurture it and help it grow.

It has become part of the ethos of living close to and off the land.

Thus, everything de Boerin has to offer, is made individually and by hand.

Every candle, apron, mitten, frock or blanket, every cake of soap and bib is made by women who wish to make real things, for real people in real-time.

Kleinood de Boerin Ceramics
The Calico Rail by de Boerin








Made by hand matters, as does the honesty and mindfulness of each pair of nimble hands.

Lest our hands forget the skill of darning socks or sewing real patches on hand-me downs to wear again.

Lest we forget that clean and paid for, is good enough.

The Calico Rail by de Boerin

From Times When
People Still Had Time

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