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We Don’t Walk Alone: Part 1 | The Seasonal Platter

Although Kleinood likes doing things the Kleinood way, we know all too well that there are many things other people can do better. We also know that there are many people out there that share our dreams and have special skills to make precious things they want to share.

Since its small beginnings, Kleinood has taken pride in the hands that nurture it and help it grow. It has become part of the ethos of living close to and off the land and honouring the honesty and mindfulness of each pair of nimble hands. We believe in supporting the arts, artisans and small passion driven enterprises – people that live their dreams against all odds, not to exploit, but to build in a slow, small and respectful way.

Be it packaging, the artisinal ingredients of our platters, the production of our honey, taking care of the donkey’s hooves or the fare de Boerin has to offer – we do it with other people and enjoy sharing their stories too.

The scrumptuous Seasonal Platters served in the Kleinood Tastingroom were curated to accompany and compliment the Tamboerskloof wines served here. They are brim-full with delicious fare from small, artisanal, family-run producers that create fine foods ethically, are passionate about what they make and dedicated to quality and attention to detail.

The Belnori Story

The idea of starting Belnori cheesery was born from an article read in a major Weekly Agricultural magazine. Two weeks later someone offered a course on Dairy Goat Animal Husbandry and ‘How to make Feta’. Norman attended this and soon received a buck as a gift.

They found four does. Rina attended a Cheese Course and made a few products to sell at a local craft market. After the first two markets, the goats were dry and they had to wait for the next kidding season. The first cheese was made in five-litre batches in a stainless-steel bucket resting in an enamel saucepan.

The four does became seven does then fourteen, then twenty-six. Time for a proper Cheese Vat. Once the herd reached sixty-five they had to expand rapidly. By then, they sold at a number of craft markets and several speciality stores. In 2013 they welcomed Bongi Nondzama, a young cheese-maker into the cheesery. He had good experience with Cow’s milk cheese and soon learnt to make both Goat’s and Sheep’s Milk cheeses. They have since managed Sixty-Eight SA Champion Cheeses and Twenty-four Medals at the World Cheese Awards.


The Baleta’s from Kleinriver

Klein River Cheese Farmstead near Stanford offers an array of exceptional and award-winning South African cheeses. This family-run business has been crafting cheese for more than 20 years, and all their cheese is still made using age-old artisanal methods.

The Baleta family is dedicated to ensuring that we live and work in tune with our environment, community and Farmstead through responsible farming practices and self-sustainability.

“Jersey cows’ milk has a naturally high fat content, and this contributes to the flavour and texture of the cheese. We will only ever use pasture-fed and pasteurised cow’s milk.The milk is sourced from 3 dedicated farmers within 20 km of the Farmstead and is free from hormones and antibiotics. We only use non-animal microbial rennet and no colourants are added to our cheeses. You may notice differences in colour as the seasons change. Our cheese is therefore 100% happy and vegetarian friendly. It is the Stanford grass that the cows eat which gives our cheese its delicious taste and sense of place.”

Klein River Cheese Farmstead

Artisanally Cured

Over and above the seasonal fresh fruit, veg and freshly baked bread and cheese, the tasty artisan cured meats on the Kleinood Tasting Room’s Seasonal Platter will satisfy the most discerning palate. We procure these from Cor van Vuuren, owner of Cor Speciality Cured Meat.

“I personally source the products I use, making sure of its origin, the free-range status as well as focussing on the best quality organic meat available on the market. This attention to detail and strict quality control ensures a consistent end product that we sustain through our policy of excellence, precision and personal care.”

“There is both an art and a science to fermenting sausages and curing meats.”

Pickles & Preserves

“My father always advised me that when looking for your career you shouldn’t do the thing you are most passionate about, you need to keep that love and joy for yourself. You should instead do the things you are second or third most passionate about. My dad was wrong. In an attempt to follow his seemingly sound advice, I have pursued a higher education in my second love, art. By a cosmic miracle or two, after completing my Masters, I stumbled into a Food Design career. Through this work and constantly thinking about food in new ways, designing new products, projects, events and recipes that push the limits of the design and food world I was reminded of where my heart lies.”

In 2018 Emily Robertson took the leap from behind the desk into the kitchen. She’s worked in quite a few since, and now also makes all of our preserves and pickles. Foraging interesting ingredients from the farm, her unusual use of produce and surprising combinations are a treat!

Jams & Jellies

Above everything, Leo’s Little Jars is a story of passion. It all started in a kitchen in Northern France with a little girl, her grand mother and their pot of jam. “I created Leo’s Little Jars as a means to connect to my elders,” says owner Léonore, who relies on recipes and techniques passed along from generation to generation.

She believes jam should be a lasting expression of fruits, so Leo’s uses only the best local ingredients and as little sugar as possible. “We crave real, pure flavors. As a rule we make small batches in recycled glass jars to bring you the best experience, while respecting our beloved Mother Earth.”

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