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New Vintage

Tamboerskloof John Spicer Syrah 2016

Kleinood Tamboerskloof John Spicer Syrah 2016

Capturing a special place and moment in time
– a story of sun and rain, and wind, and soil –
to dance in the magic and method of our winery.

Listen while you read:

The Kleinood Nocturne

The Wine

Introducing The Kleinood Tamboerskloof John Spicer Syrah 2016

Intensely singular in its reflection of the terroir it calls home,
and expertly crafted to its full potential over many years.

Kleinood Tamboerskloof John Spicer Syrah 2016

Due to our viticultural philosophy, the 10 hectares of Kleinood vineyards have been divided into 23 small blocks according to the variations in soil conditions and micro climates on the farm. Each block has its own unique micro-terroir and are farmed accordingly.

The winery has been designed with small tanks to accommodate each small block. The wines from the blocks are matured separately in French oak barrels and are tasted blind separately after 18 months.

After a few years we realised that one particular block with Syrah grapes (Block 7) came out at the top with each blind tasting. We then “drilled-down” viticulturally into the block to try to determine why it was so unique…

We found that this very special block gave us the smallest berries on the bunches of all the other blocks year after year. Smaller berries results in greater juice intensity.

The berries were also very loose on the bunch leading to optimal sunlight penetration on all berries resulting in great fruit development throughout the bunch. We found that this block gave us the lowest yield of grapes (tons per hectare) of all our vineyard blocks on Kleinood. Once again – low yields means greater intensity because the vines have to work so much harder.

We dug a series of deep trial holes in the block and found that the small boulders that were apparent on the soil surface were constant throughout the depth of the holes. This is very similar to the soils of the Rhône valley in France. The surface boulders play a big role in the ripening process of the grapes. Kleinood is close to the ocean and the evenings are very cool. The surface rocks heat up during the day and continue to radiate heat to the bunches throughout the night, thus reducing temperature shocks and resulting in an even ripening process.

The 2016 vintage is lauded as of significant quality across the board, and the 2016 Tamboerskloof John Spicer Syrah proved to be no exception. In our care it has already developed into a complex and elegant wine over the past 6 years – intensely reflecting both the terroir it calls home and a very special vintage.

The reason for making the John Spicer Syrah is based purely on the outstanding and unique character of the wine produced by this vineyard block year after year – wishing to keep it apart as the ultimate expression of our terroir and supporting the philosophy that great wines are made in the vineyard.

The Tamboerskloof John Spicer Syrah 2016 is a well-structured and balanced wine, rich ruby in colour.

On the nose, deep notes of plum and wild bramble are followed by charming violets and fynbos aromas, alongside spices and black pepper.

The entry is youthful with a generous middle palate, integrating loads of texture and fresh acidity.

The elegant follow-through of fruit and spice from nose to palate is intense and complex.

The finish is powerful with great oak integration and new leather and tobacco notes.

The wine is ready to drink, but has the potential for a further 10 years of bottle maturation.

The Artwork

Each year we approach a South African artist to make a painting for the wrapping of the Tamboerskloof John Spicer – Beezy Baily, Jill Trappler, Marlene Steyn, Katharien de Villiers, Stephané Conradie and Jeanne Gaigher have participated in this project since the first vintage.

It is with fascination we share in their various perspectives and experiences of the same Kleinood Farm in much the same way we find different vintages producing different wines from the same terroir incredibly interesting…

Kleinood John Spicer Syrah 2016

For the 2016 vintage we approached the young South African artist Amy Rusch.

Her layered approach results in an immersive experience of terroir and place in much the same way the wine does –
a connection and expression captured beautifully in thread on various media.

Kleinood Tamboerskloof John Spicer Syrah 2016
Kleinood John Spicer Syrah 2016

The artwork was printed on recycled paper made up of 80% calcium carbonate, (CaCO3) and 20% non-toxic resins. The CaCO3 is recovered limestone from quarries and building industry waste. Mixed with resin, the re-pap produces resistant, smooth, recyclable and water resistant paper.


kleinood farm

Last year, in celebrating our 21st birthday, we decided to explore other possible experiential avenues for the wine, and specifically its terroir. If you can see, smell and taste a place or a wine, why can’t you hear it too?

And, so, The Kleinood Nocturne was born from a very natural collaboration between wine, art and music.

Created by sound artist Rob Brinkworth of Resonate, in collaboration with the acclaimed jazz pianist Kyle Shepherd, The Kleinood Nocturne takes the listener on a soundscape documenting a night on the farm, from sunset to sunrise.

To Fine Wine & Fine Art,

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