As a rule we only catch and release when fishing in the dam on the farm.
This chap was unfortunately slightly over ambitious and swallowed the fly
with so much gusto that it was impossible to set it free again. So we ate it.For one trout:
half a bottle of beer
1 shallot
50 g. mushrooms
30 ml. fresh cream
sprig of thyme
bay leaf
salt and pepperClean the trout and place in a shallow dish into which the fish fits snugly without overlapping.
Add the beer, thyme and bay leaf and marinade for 2 hours.
Finely chop the shallot and slice the mushrooms.
Gently fry the mushrooms and shallots in a large coverable frying pan with
de Boerin olive oil.
Add the trout and marinade to the frying pan, removing the thyme and bay leaf.
Gently cook for 15 minutes or until the fish is cooked.
Remove fish to a warm serving dish.
Add cream to the sauce and reduce to half the original quantity.
Season to taste.
Pour the sauce over the trout and serve with boiled baby potatoes and Tamboerskloof Viognier.







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