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you may
call it a cap
to hide me from the sun

call it a bonnet
to keep my tresses tidy
when the wild wind blow

call it a lid
to hold safely in my head
the thoughts I’ve had
and all the things
I’ve seen and read

a cap, a bonnet, a lid,
call it what you may

I just love my little hat.


Part of The Calico Rail – collection of timeless garments for women who do.


The volume, femininity and grace,
the ease with which she wears her ample skirt
and rolled up sleeves.

She is unapologetically voluptuous.
Her skirts are ample and her hands are firm and able.

de Boerin is not a fashionable concept of a woman,
nor do her clothes prescribe her movement or her shape.

Instead, the garments fulfil a purpose
and allow her to do what she needs to do
and be who she needs to be.


100% Cotton Canvas, thicker but soft – fresh, natural and honest.
A gusset with a cotton bow keeps it tied tightly.
The shapes are timeless and forgiving – simple, free and unassuming.
Each garment is made with love by the women of Stellenbosch Crafts Alive.
Made by hand, of course, so no two are perfect or alike.

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