After much research, pondering and tasting it was decided that de Boerin was to be a full bodied and elegant, but gutsy Extra Virgin Olive Oil. The five varieties were carefully selected to proportionally make up the parts of the blended oil.

  • The oil from the Leccino variety, also from Tuscan origin, is delicate and fruity with a hint of sweetness and makes up 20% of the blend.
  • 40% of the blend comes from the FS 17, otherwise known as Dwarf Frantoio.  The oil from this prolific variety is fruity and and very aromatic.
  • The Frantoio variety yields 20%. It brings all the intense and aromatic characteristics of a truly Tuscan variety to the blend.
  • The oil also contains 8% Coratina – a very robust Italian cultivar. The fruity, peppery oil adds body to the blend.
  • Delicata makes up 12% of the oil. It is ideal to tone down the more robust cultivars and because it is planted in a different terroir and area of the farm, adds complexity to the blend.
"An oil with the strength and generosity that echoes the goodness of the native soil, the sun and great care that goes into its making. "