Social Responsibility And Community Projects

From the Blaauwklippen Valley one can just make out the unassuming brown brick buildings of Weber Gedenk Primary School high up against the hill in Jamestown. This is where most of the primary school learners, whose parents work in the Blaauwklippen Valley, go to school. It is obvious that the children love their little school. It is a safe and stimulating environment for young children as it stands. Therefore we do not wish to take ownership of the school, but rather to create the tools and environment for the children and community at large to create an educational institution of excellence of which they can be proud and where the children of James Town can receive an education that will stand them in good stead for the rest of their lives.


The partnership between Kleinood farm and Weber Gedenk Primary evolved in a very natural way and somehow seems as if it was always meant to be. Weber Gedenk is where all the children of the people of Kleinood farm receive their primary education. When we decided to become involved with the schools of the area […]

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Small Seeds

Joey with Pieter, from the gardening team at Kleinood immediately established a small vegetable garden. The children, who have special needs other than a mainstream education, water and weed the garden during the week. Joey and his team do the spadework and maintenance on Wednesday- and Saturday mornings. In this way they develop much-needed skills […]

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Blaauwklippen Sportsday

Joey is also fully aware of how important a role sport can play in the healing of a troubled community. In 2010 he organised a sports day for the whole of the Blaauwklippen community. Stellenzicht provided the venue and the farms sponsored snacks and drinks for the day. For Joey it was very important that […]

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Box Cars

The children at Weber Gedenk still play traditional games during break. They play marbles, jump rope and throw tops. This led us to the idea that box-cart racing would be something they would enjoy and would give us a way of teaching them some skills as well as encouraging parent participation. It proved to be […]

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The Kleinood Centre For Arts And Culture

On Monday 13 February 2012 the construction work for a new building dedicated to art and culture commenced. This building forms an integral part of the idea to be involved in sustainable and concrete projects that will create facilities and opportunities equal to those for children from privileged backgrounds. As always there were many partners. […]

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Ongoing Projects

As the box-cart race was such a success the school chose to repeat the event and to add other traditional games. They wish to make it a full day event which will also offer them the chance to raise more funds as well as accommodating more children and a wider range of activities. We would […]

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